Company Profile

A Reputation for Quality

Hard work, dependable service and durable products... these are the cornerstones of success that made R.F. Ederer Co., Inc. a leader in netting and twine manufacturing.

The Ederer Story began over 100 years ago, when R.J. Ederer founded the original company in Chicago. The tradition passed through four generations of Ederers, building upon a legacy of superior craftmanship. R.F. Ederer Co. manufactures the highest quality products which are known worldwide for their strength and durability. For over a century, fishermen have sworn by the quality that is synonymous with the Ederer name. And today the sports industry recognizes the same quality netting that can only mean Ederer.

Employees are out "Net" Worth

When a company builds the kind of reputation earned by Ederer, a superior work ethic and commitment to quality became a way of life. R.F. Ederer Company has been located in Ocean Springs, Mississippi since 1969.
Today our employees work around the clock, producing the finest seine twine and netting you'll find anywhere. Ederer employees are like a family, and we take pride in every aspect of the manufacturing process.
Each employee has mastered their facet of the manufacturing process: operating and maintaining the machinery; stabilizing and tarring processes; inspecting the netting; and packaging and shipping. By working as a team in the entire process, we create a product that meets the highest quality standards.

From Quality Products...

A century of net making has taught the Ederer Family that there is no substitute for quality. R.F. Ederer Co. manufactures its products entirely in-house. We begin with the filament, which is spun into sizes from #6 to #96. The product is then either packaged into 1/4, 1/2, or 1 lb. tubes for our retail market, or made into netting based on your dimension requirements. We produce 16 twine sizes and can satisfy your netting needs from 1" - 14" stretch mesh.
Throughout the process, quality inspections receive top priority. Every inch of netting and every tube of twine carries the Ederer name, which means it's got to be the best in the industry.

To Quality Service.

Our products are made to order to your specifications. When an order is made, our customer service personnel monitor every stage of its production to make sure every order is on time - every time.
We also give distributors every incentive to do business with us. From our toll free number (1-888-4 EDERER), to our liberal shipping policies, we go the extra mile to deliver what you need - when you need it!
For more information on ordering, contact the R.F. Ederer Company today.