The New Standard

R.F. Ederer, Inc. introduces a dramatically new and different netting that stands to forever change the fishing industry: Diamond-E® netting and twine, made from fibers that provide an unmatched set of properties:

The New Breed

Years ago, nylon and polyethylene replaced cotton netting and revolutionized the fishing industry. Today, the demand for the ultimate in performance has reached new levels and Diamond-E netting and twine meets the challenge. It's more than a superior alternative to conventional materials - Diamond-E is a new breed of netting and twine that is in a class by itself.

The Technological Advantage:

Superior performance across all categories starts in selecting SPECTRA® fibers made by Allied-Signal Inc. - a leader in cordage fiber technology. SPECTRA fibers are the strongest available and, because it's spun from tough, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, it has a proven durability in a wide array of applications.

In using this state-of-the-art fiber, R.F. Ederer Company has made a commitment to manufacturing products to the highest industry standards. The result is Diamond-E netting and twine - a superior product which yields unmatched performance.

A Comparison

Diamond-E's high strength-to-weight ratio is unsurpassed in the industry. Greater strength means Diamond-E netting can do the same work at a fraction of the diameter of conventional twines: reductions of 40% when replacing nylon and up to 60% compare to standard polyethylene. Smaller diameter twine means lighter, easier handling netting. For example, shrimpers have switched from #18 nylon twine to #11 Diamond-E twine, creating a lighter. less bulky net that provides greater fuel and catching efficiency.

The performance and durability of Diamond-E products is setting new standards in the fishing industry. It will give you the competitive edge to stay ahead.